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Damply wistful

daffy dialogue

daft   the occasionally daft ideas of Thea von Harbou (imdb on Metropolis)

damp   Renée Zellweger sings [the song] with –  if we’re being generous –  a subtext of damp wistfulness. Emma Brockes Guardian April 12 08

damp-eyed (pejorative, like "weepy")   Without a wife, Gordon Brown was an object of suspicion; now his damp-eyed whiffling about the unique lessons he has learned from fatherhood is itself a warning to any ambitious, single politician, that neither a puppy, nor even a cooperative, but childless, partner can compete. Catherine Bennett Guardian

dazzlingly miscast    "Diana Dors, who was once quite dazzlingly miscast as Jocasta." Nancy Banks-Smith (NBS), Guardian July 9, 2005

deadly   "There was a rather deadly little pause." Ngaio Marsh

decorative “his political conviction may be described as decorative” wiki

deluded   as many of the well-meaning but deluded legislators intend   slashdot.com

deeply unglamorous The deeply unglamorous chair of Labour's national executive committee ploughed on through the numbers. Yahoo news on Anne Black, September 25, 2010
demeaning   "Warwick Castle ... staffed by people in demeaning period costumes." Guardian June 27, 2006 (trashes the whole Heritage Industry with one word)

demented   "a demented Euro-curriculum from Brussels" Guardian June 20 2006 demented cheeriness Simon Hoggart on round-robin letters

dense    dense but loyal Broderick Crawford, sneaky Mischa Auer, menacing Oscar Homolka, perpetually befuddled Billy Gilbert imdb

depressing Fritz Lang is kind of a depressing guy with a bleak opinion of human nature. goatdog.com (“Depressing saga of man who keeps his parents in two dustbins” Sun preview of Samuel Beckett)

deranged   Unpredictable, hilarious, and completely deranged, Duck Soup is without doubt the distillation of everything that the Marx Brothers claimed as their own. bbc.co.uk)

designer dowdy

dewy   fashion-writer speak for that “unmade-up look” 
dicky ticker
dim    took a dim view
dime-store and gift-shoppe art    Time 1946
dimwitted   The 1997 Cannes Film Festival opened with a gala screening of the expensive, dim-witted science fiction fantasy The Fifth Element. Observer, Sunday May 21 2006 Philip French

dire narration (on wildlife documentaries)

dissipated     Someone once described Victor Mature as an intelligent actor cursed with the face and physique of a dissipated life guard. imdb.com

    Weird haunting sound effects, combined with a sort of marching snare beat, and slow, doomy chords. (Web)

dowdy    "Do-gooding has always suffered a dowdy reputation, with Lady Bountifuls mocked for their condescension." Cristina Odone Obs August 13, 2006

drab   "image of a pale shaven-headed woman, puffy-faced, and wearing a drab grey sweatshirt." (re Britney) Observer, February 18 2007

dreary    "It led to Jackson Pollock and Arshile Gorky, and an awful lot of dreary metaphysical bunkum about abstract art and the soul" Guardian, Wednesday June 21 200 Adrian Searle

dull   "The French Do Dull and Aimless So Much Better" Observer hedline Feb 18 07 Re Caché ("We watched a scene in which an empty corridor was filmed for about quarter of an hour. Everybody started shrugging exaggeratedly and talking in hilarious cod-French accents.") vita.mn

dull in a distinguished way   Web