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Not Irish

Iberian for Hibernian
Iberians are Spanish; Hibernians are Irish.

idol for idle "the idol rich" An idol is the image of a god; idle people are workshy.

ilk for style The hotel has been built in the same ilk as the private jets. (timesonline) You build hotels in a style. Macdonald of that ilk is Chief Macdonald of the Clan Macdonald. It's like saying "Macdonald of the same".

illustrious for sleazy "As in all cautionary tales, Boiler Room begins with seducing us into its illustrious world of profit and wrongdoing, then smacks us with the consequences of all the recklessness." Ron Small, Web review of Boiler Room. Illustrious means eminent.

imbue for endow To imbue is to pervade; to endow is to donate.

imprecation for instruction They're dumped at the table all at once with an imprecation to "share".  Guardian January 23, 2008 An imprecation is a curse; an instruction is an order.

imputed for input "Data will be imputed into the system."

in situ for in concert In situ means in place; in concert means in collusion.

inanition for inertia or apathy Inanition is starvation or malnutrition; inertia is an inability to move; apathy an inability to care.

incarnate for discarnate The Angel in the House was an "almost incarnate creature" Kathryn Hughes The Short Life... of Mrs Beeton Incarnate means "made flesh"; she's using it to mean "spiritual".

incense for cense "And now Cardinal Ratzinger incenses the altar." He censed the altar - if he incensed it he'd make it angry.

inchoate for incoherent Inchoate means imperfectly formed; if you're incoherent you're unable to speak clearly or connectedly.

indigent for indigenous  "it makes sound competitive sense for the indigent men to try to keep the indigent women under wraps." Robert Crampton Times Feb 25 09 Indigent means poor; indigenous means native.

infactuation for infatuation Infatuation is being madly in love.

ingrained for engraved Should be ingrained on the skull of every novice director. Times Sept 1 07 Ingrained dirt has got into the cracks; an engraved design has been incised into a surface.

inherent for inevitable Inherent means intrinsic; inevitable means unavoidable.

inimical (or inimicable) for neutral Inimical means hostile; neutral means indifferent; something inimitable can't be imitated.

inimically for intrinsically By laying hands on a woman at ordination, a bishop is himself then unacceptable to those who believe that priesthood is inimically male. Helen Thorne's report on women priests Inimical is hostile; intrinsically means essentially.

iniquity for inequality or inequity Iniquity is wickedness; inequity is inequality (iniquity and inequity have the same root).

innate for inane     The most vapid, smug and innate commentary that has come out of the “village” for some time. Jonathan Zasloff UCLA
inroads for progress From a ruler to a light-fitting, from a boat to a shopping centre, design sense will highlight the huge inroads already achieved by the design industries and set benchmarks for sustainable design in the future. Flier for Design Museum, 2000. If you make inroads you gain ground as in a battle. And you can't just make inroads, you have to make them into something.

insignia for impedimenta, regalia Madonna's highly eroticised stage persona drew heavily on Catholic insignia. Joan Smith,  Guardian Sept 13 00 An insignia is a badge or emblem; impedimenta are cluttering objects; regalia are a combination of robes and accoutrements.

insipid for insidious Insipid food is tasteless; an insidious person is sneaky.

install for instill, instill for establish Only Sellers could install such depth to what is essentially an emotionless drone. imdb When you install something you put it in place; if you instill something you add it drop by drop; when you instill something you set it up.

intercede for intrude Maybe the offspring never truly interceded in this marriage. Guardian July 25, 2008 When you intercede for someone you make a request on their behalf; to intrude is to break in.

intercession for plea for intercession Rags are still tied to trees as divine intercessions. Dan Snow on the Celts, BBC2

interminal for interminable Interminable events seem endless.

intractable for impassive Studied intractability. The Independent An intractable person is stubbornly mulish; an impassive person is expressionless.

invariably for inevitably If it invariably happens it always does; inevitable consequences are unavoidable,

issue in for usher in   Think of an usher at a wedding showing you to a seat.
itinerary for inventory An itinerary is a route; an inventory is an itemised list of house contents.
It’s a doggy dog world! (That’s a “dog eat dog” world.)

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