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Cut glass
Cut glass is faceted like a diamond. You can get a cheap, moulded imitation. Only rich people can afford CUT glass as opposed to moulded, so a cutglass accent is posh.
“The stagestruck cockney teenager learned cut-glass vowels at the Central School of Speech and Drama.”  Guardian Dec 5 2005
“With breathy pauses between words and clipped, cut-glass consonants, Blunt introduced one maudlin dirge after another.” Observer March 19 2006

Children with crystal accents, Times July 16, 2008

"Diana Mosley has gone down in history as the cutglass blonde in thrall to the F├╝hrer." Observer Jan 2 2005 A blonde with a cutglass accent, we presume.
But Kate Moss’s mother has “cutglass cheekbones”, The Evening Standard magazine, March 31, 2006